Microprocessed algorithmic and addressable device (with short-circuit isolator) installed as another element inside


Microprocessed algorithmic addressable device (with short-circuit isolator) installed as another element inside the loop.

The module takes the power supply from the loop, but it requires an auxiliary 30 V supply to give the necessary energy to the devices controlled by the relays.  It monitors the presence of voltage in the auxiliary supply line of 30 V and in the output of the monitored relays.

The module is protected by 0,9 A resettable fuse and each monitored output by 0,5 A.

The flashing of the transparent red LED indicates communication with the control panel.  Illumination of the green LED indicates the actuation of a relay.

It is a module with two relay outputs of simultaneous activation (with a single function), not only in its type of application (sounder, switches or pre-alarm), but also in their timing and in the combination of sensors that activate them.

The R1 output relay is monitored with a line termination resistance of 33 k?, indicating the state of opened line or crossed line.  The R2 output relay acts as a dry contact NO and NC, not monitored, which typical application in the energizing of the electromagnets of fire-resistant doors.  Considering the consumption produced across the system, it is recommended installation of an external power supply when connecting more than 10 electromagnets altogether per detection system.

The device is placed in a rectangular heat-resistant ABS box.

The module is certified according to EN 54-18 Standard, and CE labelled according to the European Regulation of Construction Products (UE) N°305/2011.
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